Toowoomba summers can be very uncomfortable and health-threatening without an air conditioning system indoors. Since it is this time of the year once again, we decided to share with you some smart ways to use your AC to get through this summer.

3 Smart Ways You Can Use Your AC this Toowoomba Summer


#1 Use your AC as dehumidifying system

Toowoomba summer has an average of 54% relative humidity. This is a bit above the normal range of relative humidity that is 40%-50%. What does that mean?

The relative humidity is the percentage of water vapour suspended in the air. The more vapour present in the air, the harder our body could precipitate. Precipitation is our bodies’ natural way to cool down especially in summer seasons. Thus, in areas where there is high relative humidity such as Toowoomba, the summer heat is more unbearable.

The high relative humidity in the area can bring damages to properties such as:

  • Peeling of wall paint
  • Mould and mildew infestation
  • Breeding of mites on furniture

Good thing that running your air conditioning unit can solve all these problems. Yes, the first AC is used to eliminate the high humidity in a publishing office. Therefore, your air conditioning system can lessen the indoor relative humidity to a tolerable degree.


#2 Schedule your AC’s performance

Running an air conditioning unit in summer can have a toll on your energy bill. However, in an area such as Toowoomba, summer without an AC is unimaginable. Is there a way to enjoy using the air conditioner with lesser energy consumption? Absolutely.

Modern air conditioning units often come with smart features designed to save electricity. For instance, a thermostat is a feature that allows your AC to maintain a specific temperature in the room. This way, the air conditioner will automatically adjust its performance to maintain the given temperature. Unlike old models where the unit will continuously produce the set temperature, the thermostat lowers the AC’s performance at some point. This way, you can cool the room without spending much electricity.

You can also set a schedule on modern air conditioning units. By scheduling the on and off of your AC, you can minimize the time that the air conditioner consumes electricity.

Some air conditioners also come with sensors. These sensors can detect body heat and open windows to match the AC’s performance with. Thus, your air conditioner will automatically turn off when the sensor fails to detect body heat or could detect an open airway.


#3 Ensure your AC’s proper maintenance

Summer is the time of the year when your air conditioner works the hardest. Therefore, to ensure its good condition throughout the season, make sure to give it proper maintenance.

Your air conditioner must be cleaned regularly. More so when the humidity level is high, films of bacteria grow more rapidly on the AC filters. This will not only lessen the air conditioner’s performance but will also threaten your family’s health. Inhaling the air from dirty filters can cause allergies and other respiratory illnesses. That’s why you have to maintain a clean air conditioning unit throughout summer.

Constant subjection to rain can also damage the outdoor component of a ducted AC. Since Toowoomba summer is accompanied by constant raining, you should always have your AC checked for possible damages.



An air conditioner is a necessity for you to endure the harsh Toowoomba summer. It alleviates the summer heat and muggy climate during this season. Therefore it is important for you to ensure that your air conditioner is always working efficiently.

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