Could you imagine getting through the summer season without an AC? That is very hard to picture, isn’t it?

This is why getting your air conditioner serviced regularly is very important.

How often should it be done?

We advise our clients to have their ACs checked at least before and after the summer season.


Here are some of the reasons:

4 Benefits of Getting Your AC Serviced Regularly


#1 Clean filters provide better air quality

Your AC’s filter often breeds “biofilms”. The sludge-like structure building up on the filter is a home for bacteria and viruses. When left unchecked, the air that will pass through the filter will carry those bacteria. As a result, you may acquire several illnesses such as allergies and respiratory infections through inhaling the air from a dirty AC filter.


#2 It can minimize the need for repair

Getting your air conditioner checked before the summer season should always be part of your preventive maintenance.


It is expected that your air conditioning unit will run more actively during this season than the rest of the year. Therefore, it will be safer to have it checked so it won’t malfunction throughout the summer.


#3 Energy Efficiency

Did you know that a properly maintained AC can lessen energy consumption?

Dirt trapped on condenser coils and filters is often the root of this excess energy requirement. This dirt buildup inside the unit can make it difficult for your AC to run smoothly. As a result, it will require more energy to keep its performance up.

By getting your AC serviced on regular basis, this problem can be prevented and you’ll see from your bills the positive result.


#4 It Can Prolong Your AC’s Lifespan

On average, an air conditioning unit can last from 8-10 years. However, poorly maintained air conditioners usually wouldn’t reach ten years of operational life before it’s broken. The seldom the AC is cleaned, the easier it can be damaged.

DIY Cleaning and maintenance can also shorten your AC’s lifespan. Often, instead of getting the unit cleaned, you’ll only be pushing the dirt further into the system. It is always recommended to let the licensed tradesmen handle the job.

On the other hand, a well-maintained air conditioner can perform well throughout its lifespan and as mentioned earlier, with minimal repairs needed.



Do you need help in your air conditioner maintenance?

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