Having a warranty for your air conditioner is a very good thing. It somehow provides an assurance that your investment will not go to waste. However, you must also understand that your air conditioner’s warranty has limitations. Knowing those limitations can help you protect your air conditioning unit better. It will be a shame if your AC malfunctions and you’ll find out that the warranty doesn’t cover the damage. Thus, we compiled some of the warranty conditions from popular air conditioner brands in Toowoomba. Read through to find out what conditions are excluded in your air conditioner warranty.

Does your Air Conditioner Warranty Fully Cover Your Needs


Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

Mitsubishi is probably the most popular air conditioner brand in Toowoomba. It is no wonder why, as the brand is known for its environmental efforts and energy efficiency. Mitsubishi air conditioners typically have a 5-year full parts and labour manufactures warranty against defective workmanship. A 5-year warranty is good enough for a brand that has a trademark for being durable. With proper care, a Mitsubishi air conditioner can last up to 15 years.


Warranty is void when…

The warranty policy of the Mitsubishi air conditioner will be void when the damage to the unit is caused by negligence and misuse. Thus, there are certain things you needed to avoid ensuring that the warranty will not be nullified. One of which is for foreign objects to enter the unit which might cause damage. Most of the time, twigs and dried leaves get caught in the fan of the outdoor component. This can cause damage to the fan and will not be covered by the warranty. Misuse of the unit such as skipping maintenance, poor cleaning, and damages due to DIY repair will also nullify the warranty.



Carrier is the pioneer in air conditioning technology. This brand is trusted in Toowoomba due to its long experience in the industry. In turn, Carrier has been delivering quality air conditioning innovations since its early beginnings. The brand offers 5 years warranty for their air conditioning units.


Warranty is void when…

Carrier is very particular in the customer’s responsibility of ensuring that the unit is properly maintained. The warranty will be invalid when a sign of negligence and damage due to poor maintenance is discovered. Damaged due to dirty air filters, mouldy coils, and bug infestation within the unit will also invalidate the warranty.



Another brand known for innovative air conditioning solutions; Daikin offers five years of warranty for their air conditioning units as well. They are expecting their customers to follow the operating guideline for each unit. It is also expected that the unit will receive proper maintenance including cleaning and preventive maintenance.


Warranty is void when…

Same with other brands, Daikin will not be held accountable for damages due to negligence and improper use. Moreover, corroded components, rusting, scratches, and dents on the unit can nullify the warranty. Exposing the unit to weathering hazards that can cause damages will also make the warranty invalid. Thus, it is important to ensure that your unit is in a good location and is properly serviced.



These are just three of the most common brands of air conditioner in Toowoomba and their warranty conditions. Most brands follow the same exemptions to the warranty. Therefore, it is crucial to keep your air conditioner in good shape through proper maintenance. Getting a professional HVAC contractor in Toowoomba can help you do just that. Should you need one, BCTM Legatt is here for you. Talk to us today!