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One of the most overlooked yet effective ways of keeping your air conditioning system working its best is by servicing and cleaning it regularly. Once a year is usually advisable.

If your system is displaying any of the symptoms below, it’s well worth getting in touch with the BC & TM Leggatt team for an air conditioning inspection and service.

  1. Poor cooling performance
  2. Low air flow
  3. Strange odours
  4. Higher-than-normal electricity bills
  5. Noticeable dampness or mustiness

Maintenance and air conditioning servicing in Toowoomba

Our maintenance servicing includes the following steps:

  • Full external visual inspection for corrosion or obstruction
  • Full cleaning (see below for more information)
  • Check belts and motors for wear and noise
  • Check duct seals for leaks
  • Check gas (when required)
  • Inspect electrical terminals and connections
  • Inspect thermostat operation

Our special air conditioning cleaning process in Toowoomba

While your average, run-of-the-mill air con cleaner will hose down your coils and filters with detergents and cleansing agents, these acid and alkali-based products actually eat away at and damage your filters, coils and other internal parts.

BC & TM Leggatt does not use these chemicals. Our cleaning process only uses pressurised steam & water. This is the gentlest yet most thorough way of cleaning your air conditioner, and it has the added benefit of being 100% environmentally friendly.

Our air conditioning cleaning service in Toowoomba, whether it’s a regular clean or a long overdue one, will include the following steps:

  • Clean filters
  • Clean coil
  • Clean drainage system and pan
  • Deodorising treatment

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