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Toowoomba Air Conditioning Repair, Cleaning And Maintenance Services

We go beyond the regular cleaning, repair and maintenance of your air conditioning and cooling systems in Toowoomba. Learn more about the different cleaning and repair services we deliver. Click on the images below.


Here are some of the most common questions we receive from our clients. Read on for the answer.


How often should my air conditioning units be serviced?

Everything depends on your type of HVAC system. Generally, once a year servicing is a must with periodic inspections every change of season. Let us help you with schedule cleaning and maintenance. Send us a message.


Is there an efficient way of reducing my energy consumption?

Although regular cleaning and maintenance helps in ensuring the efficiency of your HVAC system, choosing energy efficient units is also a factor for you to consider. We are happy to recommend the right system for you. Schedule an appointment with us.


When is the right time to replace my air conditioning unit?

If your unit is more than a decade old, then it’s most likely you’ll need to change it for a new more energy efficient system. Another sign to prompt you is the rising cost of your energy bill and more frequent repairs.


How important is regular filter cleaning?

It is important to get your filters cleaned regularly. This ensures proper air flow. It also reduces dust, allergens and germs.

Is it normal to smell foul odors from my unit?

It is most definitely not normal. The best way to get this fixed is to ask a professional to inspect your unit. One possible cause of this is bacteria, dust mite, or mould build up inside your unit.


I see my AC unit is leaking water. What should I do?

Turn off your unit to avoid any further damage, then call us so we can immediately check on your unit.


What temperature should I set for my AC unit?

Ideally, it is best to set it between 22 to 24 degrees. If you go over or under these during the change of season, then expect a 10% increase in your energy consumption.


I just noticed that my AC unit is making more noises than usual. Why is this so?

It is normal for some AC units to produce a little noise but unusual noises is a sign that something is not right inside it. Let our team check it for you.

Do you have other questions not answered above? We are happy to answer it for you. Call us on 0419 701 646.

Full Range of Services


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