How long have you been staying at home in the last few months because of the pandemic? 

We bet it is longer compared to when you were working before 2020. However, what’s more interesting to know are the answers to these three question:


Regular Aircon Cleaning Keeps Health Problems Away


  • Is your AC unit clean?
  • Has long since it was last serviced by an AC technician?
  • When was the last time it was checked to see any potential problems?

So why are these questions important?


Even the best brand of air conditioning units has a limited lifespan. For the average, a well-maintained AC is said to last around 10 to 12 years. As your unit slowly comes to its peak age, problems are expected to be encountered.


When Should You Replace Your AC Unit?


Let us show you the signs that say the right time to replace your AC unit has come. Read on.

How can we help?

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