Unless you are careful, then expect a higher energy bill this coming summer due to your air conditioning cost. Well, this is something unavoidable, especially with the increasing heat felt here in Toowoomba. But do you know that there is a way for you to avoid a massive spike in your AC cost?

Learn how you can make that happen in this blog.

How Can You Avoid a SPIKE in Your Air Conditioning Cost


Selecting the right size of air conditioning system

It is common for most people to choose the least expensive unit, especially if it is marked “S-A-L-E.” But do you know that items on SALE may not always be the best choice?

YES, especially among air conditioning systems. This is also the reason why there are air con specialists to help you make the right choice. Otherwise, you’ll end up feeling happy that you have bought a bargained unit, not knowing that it is not the right size of system that you need.


What happens when you choose the wrong size of AC unit?

Buying a huge AC unit with the expectation it will cost-efficiently cool a “small” room makes sense. But do you know that this only confuses your systems because it needs to turn itself on and off too often each time the room’s humidity changes. This means higher energy usage, because AC units require more energy each time it restarts its system.

So how about choosing a smaller unit?

On the contrary, if you choose a very small unit then you make it work harder just to cool a room; which is also not good either.



It is best to ask the help from an aircon specialist who can provide you with the right unit recommendation to use for your home or office. Let’s talk.


Choosing the Right Location for Your Compressor and Thermostat

Your compressor may be something you want to hide from sight. But do you know that concealing it too much or exposing it in direct light will only result in more damage?

How? Because this only reduces its ability to disperse hot air. As a result your AC unit needs to work harder and consume more energy. So the best thing you should do with it is to leave it outside, but have it covered for it to be protected from the sun.

The same goes with its thermostat. Put it in a  cool and open spot for it to effectively read the temperature. Otherwise, it may send wrong signals to your system.


Setting It Up To 25 Degrees Celsius

Do  you know that there is a good reason why many aircon specialists recommend that AC units be set up to 25 degrees celsius? This is because each time you lower the temperature you are adding about 3% to your energy cost.

How do you keep the cool air from flowing to the room?

Utilise your ceiling fans. Use it periodically to help the airflow where it should be. Moreover, keep your windows and doors closed to ensure the cool air does not escape.


Regular Maintenance

We constantly remind our clients to keep their AC units regularly cleaned and maintained. This is not only to ensure the longevity of your units but for it our expert aircon specialist to look closely into it. This includes checking the seals between the condenser and conduit, inspecting if there are any signs of damage, rust or corrosion. They will even look if the fans are working properly and give you recommendations on how you can further save energy.

Choose the right aircon specialists in Toowoomba who can help clean and maintain your AC units. Learn more about us.