Spring has arrived and this signals the time to get your air conditioning system checked and cleaned. But how do you know if your chosen aircon specialist in Toowoomba is indeed doing his job right?

Air Conditioning Maintenance How does a professional do it


Here is a guide you may consider:


Check-up and Inspection

These are just some of the common parts your AC technician should be inspecting:



A skilled AC technician knows how to calibrate the thermostat. He should also ensure it is far from heat sources such as light bulbs and other appliances.


Electrical Connections

Part of checking your electrical connections is the tightening of your electrical connections as well. This is to prevent electrical hazards and to improve the lifespan of your HVAC system.


Moving Parts

A highly qualified specialist knows the importance of lubricating your AC’s moving parts, including the bearing. This is to avoid friction and to prevent any damage to these parts. It is also considered helpful in reducing energy consumption.


System Controls


It is absolutely frustrating to get home and experience your HVAC system’s control is not functioning properly. So, it is important that your chosen airconditioning team check the starting, operating and shutting off of the device.



A low amount of refrigerant in your AC signals reduced performance efficiency. So part of the cleaning and inspection of your AC is the refilling of your AC’s refrigerant, too.



Aside from the inspection of the above mentioned parts, the below items should also be cleaned and safely maintained:


Coil and Condensate Drain Line

A clogged drain line can spell disaster because this is one of the major causes of water leaks. To avoid this from happening, part of your AC’s cleaning and maintenance is the proper draining of the liquid condensate. This means flushing and even treating it with anti-algae to ensure it is clean.

As needed, he may also recommend that it be replaced if he sees any extreme damage to it.


Air Filter

No one would want to breathe in dirty air. This is also one of the main reasons why you need a regular cleaning and inspection of your unit. Because even if you may change your AC’s filters on your own, only a trained  HVAC contractor can properly clean it for you.



To ensure the proper functioning of your AC, your blower assembly should be cleaned and adjusted. This will help in maintaining the proper airflow. Therefore helping reduce energy usage.



A reliable aircon specialist should conduct all of the above inspection, cleaning and maintenance to ensure your system is ready for the new season. It is best if a checklist that the above check-up has been completed.

Do you need help for a routine maintenance and clean-up of your units in Toowoomba? Schedule an appointment with us. We are happy to help.